"It is impossible to produce superior performance unless you do something different from the majority."

Sir John Templeton


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Mergers & Acquisitions - M & A / Business Brokerage

Sell-side and Buy-side Advisory, mainly for transactions of up to 10 million EUR

Searching for potential investors

Strategic and/or financial investors

Due diligence

In addition to the management of the entire due diligence and financial performance review, we also reconcile performance of legal and tax due diligence with contractual partners

Disbursement of funds from public tenders under more favorable terms

Identification of development projects with the possibility of co-financing from public tenders

Preparation of a business plan and financial projections

It can be adjusted to the purpose, either in- house for taking business decisions or for outside investors with the application for co-financing a project

Restructuring of financial liabilities under more favorable conditions and optimization of bank charges for companies

Reduction of financing expenses, payment transactions costs and other banking expenses


Equity, debt and mezzanine capital

Financial restructuring plan

Preparation of business plan and support in negotiations with creditors

Management of the entire procedure until completion of transaction

Company strategic alternatives

Sale of a company, entry of a strategic or financial investor into the ownership structure, acquisition of another company or company activities only, internationalization of the business, entry into a new industry, etc.

Negotiation strategy and management of the negotiation process for the company

Preparation of various negotiation strategies and possibility of managing the negotiating process


Independent external monitoring of financial operations, identification of and reporting on deviations, proposal of corrective measures

Performance of the supervisory functions in subsidiaries

Active role in protecting the owner’s interests

Business valuation, real estate and intangible assets

Outsourcing company financial activities

Preparation of independent reports for the management

Negotiations with external investors and other creditors

Education of company key staff in finance

Optimization of business processes and cost-effectiveness

Advisory of short / long term investments

About us

Ortum, with years of experience in financial industry incorporates specialists from different spectra of knowledge, with emphasis on corporate finance and investments. Management of investment banking activities, work experience abroad, a wide network of domestic and foreign partners, which gives us the opportunity to see a ‘wider picture’ and a relative accuracy in identifying company challenges, as well as offer advantage in analyzing different paths to achieve desired financial goals of our business partners.

Individual approach, reliability and flexibility help us build strong bonds with our business partners, while our knowledge and experiences enable realization of their ambitious goals.

We help satisfy financial needs of micro, small and medium sized companies, while increasing the value of capital of their owners. In order to accomplish the latter, we offer partners competent interlocutors, excellent knowledge of the (financial) market and financial products, as well as the team which can be, according to project needs (or partner’s wishes), complemented with experts from other fields, all with the intention of achieving the client’s set goals. A satisfied client is also our success.

At Ortum, nevertheless, we dare to be independent and paid exclusively from the benefit we create for our partners. 


Uroš Vejnović, CFA

Financial Advisor with longstanding practice in Corporate Finance

In my 13- year banking career (NLB d.d. and Abanka d.d.) and with years of experiences in managing investment banking activities (corporate finance, stock brokerage, prop trading and capital market analysis), as well as managing assets, I have gained leadership and operational experience, which in the past three years at Ortum I have been taking advantage of for the benefit  of financial services users. At the beginning of my career path, I gained work experience in the biggest Slovene logistics company (carrier business) for two years, while I am also proud of my work experience in the USA in years 1998 and 1999.

On the basis of my knowledge of banking operations, understanding the capital market and in relation to financial goals of the company, I have attained more favourable financial agreements for micro, small and medium sized companies in the last period, and in addition to an optimized structure of sources of funds, I helped achieve substantial financial savings (on interest rates and bank expenses), and nevertheless, the increase of the value of equity for the owners. I also make use of more favourable sources of funding through public tenders (e.g. SPS) and mainly relate/link the compensation with the performance.

In the last few years, I have independently led a few sell- and buy- side M&A deals of companies or major holdings (car, chemical and metal industry, publishing, food-processing industry) and cooperated in other M&A transactions (retail, food processing, chemical industry, transport, metal industry).

My business career took me through seven years of operational activities of asset management for clients and the bank, with the total volume of more than 150 million Euros.

In 2002, I gained the Securities Market Agency (ATVP) licence for Portfolio Manager and in 2013, the Certificate for Supervisor by the Slovenian Association of Supervisors (1st level of professional classification). In 2016, I received my CFA Charter, internationally well-known licence within financial/investment community. 


Anja Čepon
Anja Čepon

Financial Advisor

More than 6- years of experiences in Financial Markets, starting already while studying at the University (first in NLB d.d. and later in Abanka d.d.), allowed me understand the dynamics of Financial Markets and Financial Institutions operations. I proceeded my business career in Custody Department of Abanka d.d. and back-office of Investment Company Alpen Invest d.d., where I summed up my knowledge and experiences within Financial Markets, while gaining solid basis to continue my work experience in the real economy.

Last year I was involved in many refinance and restructuring projects of SMEs and prepared many Business Plans and Financial Projections for different purposes (capital raising- via public tenders, refinancing’s, restructurings, cost structure optimisation,…).

In 2017, I gained the Securities Market Agency (ATVP) licence for Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor and Stock Broker. Additionally, at the beginning of 2017 I enrolled in the program of The Slovenian Institute of Auditors to become Certified Appraiser.

Committed to high ethical standards, valuing mostly sincerity, honesty and mutual trust, I believe all form a foundation for successful cooperation and reaching goals.


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